valuation surveys

This type of yacht survey is recommended for anyone considering buying a boat.

Our yacht valuation surveys can be for the purposes of Insurance, Marine Mortgages, Bank Loans, Probate, Repossession, Pre-purchase investigation, bidding or ascertaining a private sale price.

A valuation can be made in a number of ways from a ‘walk through’ of the vessel while she’s afloat, assuming the hull, keel(s), stern gear and rudder(s) are of a sound condition to making a valuation after a full condition survey and sea trial. Obviously the latter being the most accurate.

If your yacht has undergone significant repairs, improvements or a refit you’ll want to increase her insured value. In this instance I will inspect the vessel and provide you with a formal valuation suitable for your insurers.

Limited Scope
yacht surveys

These are very specific, detailed surveys which concentrate on a particular part of the vessel or its equipment. This list is by no means exhaustive but examples might include:

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    ultrasound thickness measurement (UTM)

    Using our own multiple echo ultrasonic thickness gauge (which doesn't require the paint coating removal) I carry out plate thickness surveys of structures and hulls of steel and aluminium.

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    Osmosis surveys

    Having a very strong background in osmosis prevention and treatment I am often asked to inspect older hulls for osmosis. This small survey is most useful when considering epoxying a hull after coatings removal. For more information on osmosis treatments and preventative schemes follow the link below.

    Deciding on an osmosis treatment.

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    surveys of sandwich mouldings

    Sandwich mouldings offer a good strength to weigh ratio but can be vulnerable to delamination, de-bonding, compression and saturation. Not only racing yachts are prone to these types of damage but deck mouldings are also susceptible to these types of damage particularly around deck mounted fittings.


Usually instructed by your insurer, or on their agreement, this type of survey will cover specific areas which have been damaged.

I will provide an independent, impartial opinion of the damage found, an estimate of the potential repair costs and comment on the reasons for the damage. The survey report will comment on the pre-incident condition and the market value of the vessel. When appropriate I can provide advice on salvage and or wreck value but more commonly recommendations on repair. When repairs are worthwhile I will correlate estimates or tenders and provide an opinion on the solution of best value for all parties involved.

If you've had a bump and not sure whether to involve your insurers and need some advice on the best way forward I can provide you with a repair outline and an estimate of the cost. I will also give you advice on repair facilities.

examples of consultancy

  • Expert advice on Osmosis Treatments and the signing off of the key stages.
  • Draw up specifications for repair or modifications. These can often be used for repair yards to tender against or follow.
  • Manage tenders and contracts.
  • Oversee work carried out on the yacht ensuring expectations are met.
  • Refit, restoration records.
  • Assist in budgeting plans and timelines for work.
  • Logistics and boat movements

Consultancy, Management & Advice

Being conscious of the rising costs in building, maintaining and repairing boats I provide a consultancy service to assist yacht owners in ensuring a solution of best value from builders, boatyards and specialist contractors. This is not just about the price but more about the quality of the work and factoring in the clients specific requirements, be it timings or logistics for example.

Below are just a few examples of how our involvement in a project can ensure it runs as smoothly as possible, to a budget, a timescale, to the required standard and to the satisfaction of our clients.